UK's Tulchan Group is part of Unilever’s media team handling today’s announcement that the consumer products giant is consolidating its headquarters in Rotterdam.

Since its formation in 1930, Unilever maintained dual headquarters in Rotterdman and London.

CEO Paul Polman denied the decision to choose Holland over the UK had anything to do with Brexit.

Unilever, which was owned by two separately owned compaies—a Dutch NV and UK PLC—expects the streamlined corporate structure to result in a more agile company with a single class of shares, offering more flexibility for mergers, demergers and acquisitions.

In 2017, Unilever consolidated its food division in Holland. The company plans to keep its beauty & personal care unit and home care business in the UK.

Tulchan’s Jonathan Sibun, former deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph, works the Unilever business.

He advised Unilever in its successful 2017 effort to fend off a $143B takeover bid by Kraft Heinz.