Former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean became a TV celebrity during the 1980s when serving as spokesman for Garden State tourism and delivering the line, "New Jersey and You. Perfect Together."

Kean could update his pitch for the digital era. "Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Perfect Together When it Comes to Dimwitted PR."

Both parties are in it up to their necks in the meddling and disinformation that corrupted the 2016 presidential election. Lousy PR is making the matter worse.

All the fun started when data firm Cambridge, which has links to former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, got access to the information on 50M Facebook users without their permission.

Facebook initially denied the "breach" was a "breach," but then cut Cambridge from its site.

Its PR strategy focuses on unleashing a barrage of defensive blogs and tweets, while CEO Mark Zuckerberg tightens up his hoodie and lays low.

COO Sheryl Sandberg, the former Google executive who was brought in to provide some adult supervision for Team Facebook, is hardly leaning-in on the mess. She's AWOL.

Meanwhile, Alex Stamos, chief information security officer, plans to quit Facebook in August. He reportedly is upset that Facebook wasn't forthcoming about Russian interference on its platform. Finally, somebody with a backbone.

Facebook, apparently looking for some cover, has now hired forensics firm Stroz Friedberg to investigate Cambridge.

As for Cambridge, the firm issued a statement March 19 to blast its "entrapment" by Britain's Channel 4 News.

CEO Alexander Nix acknowledged though that perhaps he went a little overboard when he babbled on tape about gathering damaging information about political opponents.

Nix said they could “send some girls around to the candidate’s house,” and said Ukrainian girls “are very beautiful. I find that works very well.”

He now says it was all in good fun.

“In playing along with this line of conversation, and partly to spare our ‘client’ from embarrassment, we entertained a series of ludicrous hypothetical scenarios," he said in yesterday's statement. "I am aware how this looks, but it is simply not the case. I must emphatically state that Cambridge Analytica does not condone or engage in entrapment, bribes or so-called ‘honeytraps’, and nor does it use untrue material for any purpose."

Facebook and Cambridge's PR team are perfect together. They could use a break. How about giving Tom a call about some Jersey vacation ideas?