stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels

Since Donald Trump is obsessed with TV ratings, he must get some measure of satisfaction that Sunday's "60 Minutes," which featured Stormy Daniels, scored the program's highest ratings in more than a decade.

Trump was the off-air star of Anderson Cooper's interview with Daniels, so he deserves equal credit for the boffo ratings. Without Trump, Stormy is just another porn star.

The Stormy show attracted more than 20M viewers, a viewership that topped Trump's post-election appearance on 60 Minutes, which drew a viewership of 16.4M.

That increased audience can only mean that the twitter-in-chief is becoming even more popular among TV watchers.

Trump should now set his TV sights on former president Obama.

The White House is bent on reversing every single policy or initiative created by the Obama administration.

While wildly successful on the regulatory front, Trump, so far, has failed to overturn ObamaCare, Obama's crowning achievement, or gut the Iran nuke pact, though new national security advisor John Bolton will take a crack at that.

In the interim, Trump should aim for overtaking Obama's ratings on the "60 Minutes" front.

Barack and Michelle Obama chalked up an audience of 23M viewers for their post-election 2008 appearance on the show.

A "60 Minutes" interview with the president and First Lady Melania Trump would easily shatter Barack and Michelle's ratings, especially in the aftermath of Stormy Daniels' tale of an alleged affair with Trump.

Go for it, Donald. You would be ratings gold.