Madain Saleh
Madain Saleh

APCO Worldwide is repping Saudi Arabia's Royal Commission for Al-Ula and its effort to line up informational meetings officials from American museums, arts, cultural and civic institutions.

Established in 2017, the Commission's goal is to spotlight the natural and cultural significance of Al-Ula, a settlement founded in the 6th century in northwest Saudia Arabia.

The region also is home to Madain Saleh, archeological site that is on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

The Saudi's believe Al-Ula has "the potential to be a beacon for the Arab world, a gateway that welcomes local and international visitors to experience Saudi Arabia's unique culture, and the stories built on ancient civilizations," according to the Commission's LinkedIn page.

The Commission authorized APCO on March 20 to begin work on its outreach.