President Trump is visiting West Virginia today for the fourth time to talk about tax cuts and burning more and more big beautiful coal.

He’s out of touch with Americans living beyond the Mountain State.

A Gallup poll released April 2 found that Americas aren’t too hot on burning coal, which is a major contributor to global warming, or any other fossil fuel for that matter.

It found that Americans put more value in protecting the environment than increasing traditional energy production by a 59 percent to 34 percent margin.

Gallup Poll: Americans' Preferences for U.S. Energy Policy

Young and old prefer environmental protection. Nearly seven-in-ten (69 percent) of respondents under 50 years old vote for the environment, while 27 percent opt for energy development.

It’s closer to the over 50 set with protecting the environment edging energy development by a 47 percent to 43 percent margin.

Gallup found that given a choice between increasing energy or conservation to address the nation’s power needs, conservation wins out by a two-to-one margin.

Asked to choose between developing alternative energy sources and increasing fossil fuel output, renewable power wins out by a whopping 73 percent to 21 percent. Even Republicans (46 percent) back conservation, though that group is nosed out by the 47 percent pro-production crowd.

Gallup concluded that respondents are more aligned with the Democratic party’s traditional emphasis on environmental protection, energy conservation and renewable energy than the GOP’s greater emphasis on producing more traditional energy sources.

Make America Green Again.