Brian Ballard
Brian Ballard

Qatar has hired Donald Trump-connected Ballard Partners for counsel and assistance related to its outreach to government officials and business/NGO executives in Washington and Florida, the site of the president’s winter White House.

The firm is to receive $2.1M in fees, plus “reasonable costs," during the one-year campaign that runs through March 31, 2019.

Brian Ballard, a Republican fundraiser, chaired the Trump Victory organization in Florida during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have led an economic blockade of Qatar for its alleged support of terror and cozy relations with Iran.

The whirlwind PR tour of the US by Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has put a bright spotlight on the Kingdom's spat with Qatar.

The economic boycott of Qatar reportedly went into effect a month after a meeting between the Qatari finance minister and Charles Kushner, the father of White House advisor Jared, in which he sought a cash infusion for Kushner Cos.’ financially strapped 666 Fifth Ave. Manhattan office building.

The Qataris nixed the investment opportunity, and the White House then backed the blockade of Qatar, which hosts a key US air base.