Sponsored content will account for nearly 60 percent — 58.3 percent — of all digital display ad spending in the U.S. this year, according to a recent report by digital market research company eMarketer.

US Native Digital Display Ad Spending, 2016-2019

Native ads’ rising share in the digital display market — up from 54 percent last year — will account for $32.90 billion in total ad dollar spends this year, up a whopping 31 percent from 2017’s native ad spend totals of $25.12 billion.

eMarketer predicts that native ads will comprise 61.4 percent of the digital display ad market next year, totaling $41.14 billion in total spending.

The report cited mobile devices and social media networks for native content’s massive gains in the digital display market. Nearly three-quarters of current native display ad dollars in the U.S. involve content placed on social media sites, and more than 90 percent of that content appears on mobile devices, eMarketer reports.

The findings are found in eMarketer’s latest report, “US Native Digital Display Advertising Forecast: Mobile Growth Leads the Way.”