Nearly 70 percent of all digital advertising is slated to appear on mobile devices this year, with mobile accounting for nearly 34 percent of total U.S. ad spends in 2018, according to recent estimates by digital market research company eMarketer.

US Total Media Ad Spending Share, by Media, 2018 & 2022

TV ads, meanwhile, are expected to comprise a 31.6 percent share of total U.S. ad spends this year, meaning that mobile ads are now slated to outpace TV for the first time.

Overall, eMarketer said mobile advertising will grow at a rate of nearly 24 percent this year, surpassing total media’s combined 6.6 percent growth by more than three times. eMarketer recently reported that 90 percent of current native display ad dollars in the U.S. would involve content that appears on mobile devices.

By contrast, eMarketer expects that only 14.6 percent of the total U.S. ad share will go to print this year, followed desktop/laptop’s 9.1 percent and radio’s 6.5 percent.

eMarketer’s recent estimates predict that mobile’s share will surge to account for nearly half —47.9 percent — of the U.S. ad market by 2022.