Tusk Ventures is promoting the Republic of the Marshall Islands' plan to introduce the world’s first legal tender cryptocurrency.

RMI has partnered with Neema Ltd, an Israeli startup that facilitates global money transfers via app and has used blockchain technology to create a digital currency called the Sovereign (SOV).

The Pacific Ocean nation has passed a law making the SOV its official legal tender and is working with Neema to ensure a smooth roll-out.

According to Tusk’s statement of work, the firm is shaping the narrative to build support from the media, regulators, investors, pundits and crypto advocates/skeptics.

Bradley TuskBradley Tusk

It will pitch the SOV’s value proposition and show how it will benefit the people of the RMI by promoting transparency and good government. Tusk also will demonstrate how legal tender cryptocurrencies could help other small countries.

The New York-based firm will educate the US Treasury, State Dept., Securities and Exchange Commission and Internal Revenue Service about RMI’s strategy.

Tusk’s compensation will be split 50/50 between US dollars and SOVs.

Bradley Tusk was New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s campaign manager and New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s communications director.