Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport kicked off a rebranding campaign May 1 to expand its reach and position as a relevant cultural center that connects Americans to the country's maritime experience.

The rebrand restores "museum" to its name and introduces a logo with "Radical Craft. Get Into It” byline that will run in its advertising.

Steve White, president of the eastern Connecticut institution, believes people value the community created by a museum.

In restoring "museum" to its name, Mystic will "celebrate and showcase history, while making a space for people to think about issues that matter to them," said White in announcing the rebrand.

MSM views the "Radical Craft" byline as "an action-oriented statement" that will celebrate the immersive experiences, craft and the evolution of seafaring innovation that was radical in its time.' Advertising will feature images created by the Museum's staff.

MSM is the home of the Charles W. Morgan, the last of the world's 2,700 wooden whale ships. Built in New Bedford in 1841, the Morgan made 37 whaling voyages during her 80-year whaling career. After a five-year restoration completed in 2014, the Morgan sailed to ports in New England.

Carbone Smolan Agency, an independent design-led branding firm developed MSM's rebrand. It has worked on similar measures for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and Musee de Louvre.