Special Counsel Robert Mueller is gaining credibility among independent voters in the key swing states of Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to a poll from Republican PA firm Firehouse Strategies and Optimus.

Released May 8, the poll found that 44.7 of independents believe Mueller is more honest and trustworthy than Trump. Only 25.7 percent of independents picked the president over the investigator when it comes to telling the truth.

Those results represent a significant upswing for Mueller as a February poll gave Mueller only a 39.8 percent to 35.8 percent edge.

The Firehouse/Optimus survey shows that Trump may face significant push-back if he fires Mueller or curbs his investigation by appointing a loyalist to replace Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Mueller's boss.

Mueller Trump

Mike Pence on May 10 got the ball rolling, telling NBC's Andrea Mitchell that Mueller should wrap up his investigation for the good of the country.

The Vice President's demand though is pretty self-serving, considering Mueller could call him to be a witness in the Trump probe. Pence could also become a target of Mueller.

The Firehouse/Optimus survey also asked voters if they believe the President tells the truth.

A solid 46.9 percent believe Trump "lies intentionally to mislead people on a regular basis." Nearly three-in-ten (28.7 percent) believe Trump "exaggerates the truth with good intent," while 24.4 percent say "he does not lie."

Nearly three-quarters (73.7 percent) of Democrats say Trump lies intentionally and 23.8 percent of Republicans believe so.

Independents lean toward Trump lying by a 50.6 percent to 49.4 percent margin. That's trouble for Trump and the GOP.

Voters are as conflicted with Nancy Pelosi as they are with president. If the Democrats take control of the House, only 18.4 percent of voters would like to see Pelosi became Speaker again. A whopping 54.8 percent say "no way."

Barely more than a quarter 26.6 percent of Democrats would back Pelosi for Speaker, while 35.4 percent want somebody else and 38 percent are not sure.