TGI Fridays

Brunswick Group will handle the potential sale of the TGI Fridays restaurant chain, which owner Electra Private Equity investment firm put on the auction block today.

The potential divestment of the casual dining restaurant unit is part of London-based EPE's effort to maximize shareholder value, cash in on the strong equity market and simplify its corporate structure.

TGIF operates more than 900 restaurants in 60 countries. Its market valuation is in the $200M range.

EPE has retained Greenhill & Co. investment banker to shop TGIF and other investments including Hotter Shoes, Knight Square (property management) and Photobox (personalized products/gifts) operations.

The company stresses that it is not currently discussing the sale of any of its units, though it "has received expressions of interest from several parties."

Brunswick's Ammerance Ozioro represents EPE.