Islamic Relief

Prime Policy Group, the lobbying wing of WPP's BCW unit, is repping Islamic Relief USA of Alexandria (VA) in its mission to provide relief and development aid to those in need in more than 40 countries, regardless of religion, gender or race.

Specifically, BCW will educate the Trump Administration on the priorities, positions, actions and humanitarian priorities of the 25-year-old humanitarian aid group.

PPG vice chairman John Tanner, former Democratic Congressman from Tennessee, leads the firm's six-member team. Oher members are managing directors Lisa Cotter-Colangelo (one-time member of the human rights and foreign policy committee of the Dole for President organization), and Becky Weber (ex-Republican counsel on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee) and Ed Cox (ex-aide to Utah Senator Orin Hatch).

Islamic Relief has provided humanitarian assistance to people in Syria, Yemen, Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chad, Central African Republic and Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

It donated $2.4M this month to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to support more than 3,000 Palestinian refugees in Gaza.