Renee Wilson
Renee Wilson

The PR Council, as part of its 20th anniversary celebration, is teaming up with the News Literacy Project, a nonpartisan national education nonprofit, for a Social Media Day of Action on June 5.

The Council is calling on its member agencies to respond to the question “How can communications agencies be strong #PartnersInFact?” via social posts on various platforms. Those posts will lead back to the NLP’s new website, helping to promote the organization’s goal of news literacy.

PR Council members will also show support for the NLP in one of four ways—through media relations; by hosting a fundraising event; training their staff and/or clients on how to be news literate; or making a donation.

The NLP’s offerings include professional development sessions; a NewsLit Camp, in which educators are connected with local journalists; and a weekly newsletter. The organization says that students who have completed its courses show significant changes in how they read and interact with the news, as well as gaining a greater understanding of the role of a free press in a democrary.

“The work of NLP has strong relevance to all citizens. Its insights, tools and teaching approaches can help members of the general public as well as students decipher, create and share reliable information versus opinion, rumor and misinformation,” said PR Council president Renee Wilson. For information on how to participate, go to the PR Council website.