Sorrell FT

The Financial Times reports today that Martin Sorrell was verbally abusive to his executive assistants in London and New York and junior staffers who are required to tend to his and wife Christiana’s 24-hour needs.

He would swear at underlings, calling one elderly colleague a “pudding” and describing others as “bozos,” according to the FT. One staffer called her salary “combat pay,” while another labeled it as “battle pay.”

A doctor told another that she if she continued working for Sorrell she would be dead within a year.

The FT interviewed more than 25 individuals who worked closely with Sorrell for its story.

The paper reported that WPP’s investigation into the personal misconduct of Sorrell included an alleged visit that he made to a Mayfair brothel a year ago on the night before the ad/PR firm's general meeting. Two WPP staffers claim they saw Sorrell enter the building.

Sorrell, who admits that he can be difficult at times, maintains that he never mistreated, abuses or bullied staff members.

He also denies that any WPP funds were used to pay for the services of a prostitute.

WPP’s general meeting is set for June 13.