Dee Buchanan
Dee Buchanan

Ogilvy has signed on as DC representative for Wells Fargo & Co., which is seeking to rebound from its cross-selling scandal in which new accounts were secretly opened for customers.

The WPP unit handles policy issues impacting banks, housing finance and Dodd-Frank Act overhaul.

Dee Buchanan, who worked for 11 years for House Financial Services Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling and was considered the powerful Congressman's "go-to-guy," handles Wells Fargo, along with Karissa Willhite, ex-aide to Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.

A California court today approved a $142M class action settlement involving phony Wells Fargo accounts.

In April, the San Francisco-based bank paid a $1B fine to end a federal probe into its mortgage and loan practices dating back to 2005. The fine is the biggest levy brought against a bank during the Trump administration.

As part of its image overhaul, Wells Fargo launched an ad campaign last month carrying the tagline, "Established 1852, Re-Established 2018 with a Recommitment to You."

The effort says Wells Fargo is working hard to regain consumer trust.