Ballard Partners, which has close ties with President Trump, signed the Government of Mali to a one-year contract, effective July 1, worth $300K.

The African nation, according to Reuters, is a launching pad for attacks across west Africa from terrorist groups linked to al Qaeda and ISIS.

More than 3,000 French troops joined by soldiers from Mali, Niger, Chad, Mauritania and Burkina Faso are fighting terrorists in operations funded by the US, EU and Saudi Arabia. A July 1 car bomb attack on a military patrol wounded four French soldiers and 31 others.

Amid the chaos, Mali is supposed to hold a presidential election on July 29.

Ballard is to counsel and assist Mali in its communications with US government officials, business executives and non-profit staffers.

According to its contract, Ballard will position the country as “a close working partner of key western countries in the struggles against Islamic extremism and the war against global terrorist groups, such as al Qaeda.”

It will help Mali raise awareness of its effort to promote peace nationwide among the “American public at large” and pursue appropriations under the federal Millennium Challenge Corp. and other US relevant organizations.

Brian Ballard headed Trump’s campaign fundraising activity in Florida.