Larry Weber
Larry Weber

Tech guru Larry Weber, founder/chairman of Racepoint Global, is returning to the helm following the surprise resignation of CEO Peter Prodromou.

The Boston-based tech firm issued a three-paragraph announcement today to disclose the shift.

Prodromou held the top post for about two years and served as president for three years prior to that.

Weber, who has counseled Microsoft, AT&T, GE, IBM, Coca-Cola, Pittsburgh Steelers and Verizon Wireless, launched the Weber Group in 1987.

Interpublic bought that tech shop in 1996 and put Weber in charge of its advanced marketing services unit comprised of PR, research, analytics and entertainment offerings in 2000.

Racepoint ranks No. 15 in O’Dwyer’s rankings of independent firms. Its revenues dipped 9.4 percent to $25.1M in 2017.

The firm’s $19.3M technology fees are good for the No. 5 slot in that category.

Racepoint has offices in Washington, Raleigh, Washington, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.