Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian

Malaysia-based airline AirAsia has launched a new marketing campaign which uses emotional marketing in an attempt to strengthen the relationship the airline has had with its customers, in spite of a few marketing mishaps it's exhibited in the past.

AirAsia hopes its new “DareToDream” campaign will help improve the airline’s reputation despite a number of complex communication setbacks. Agencies “Carat Singapore” and “The Smalls” were responsible for creating the new ad, which debuted in May in Singapore and will run until the beginning of August. The campaign is designed to encourage individuals to push their limits and accomplish great things, sharing personal success stories from within the business to help lend the brand a more human side. It also draws attention to the story of “Captain Windy,” the first female pilot of an A330 airplane for AirAsia Thailand, who’s featured as a primary character in the video.

As well as drawing attention to Captain Windy’s story, who began her journey with the aviation industry as part of AirAsia’s cabin crew, the Air Asia campaign also highlights the company’s position as an underdog. The brand has come a long way from being one of the first low-cost flight companies in the region, recently announcing that it’s helped more than half a billion guests discover new experiences and places through affordable travel.

AirAsia’s new campaign demonstrates its commitment to diversity and passion for growth and development. During a press release regarding the ad, the company’s head of marketing noted that one of the company’s core values is to ensure that it always has the confidence to dream big. AirAsia hopes the new campaign will help its customers to follow their dreams too.

The AirAsia campaign, which features a digital strategy as well as an outdoor campaign with bus advertisements, is also a great example of how companies can use the right PR strategy to overcome previous marketing problems. After all, AirAsia hasn’t always had an easy time maintaining its reputation. Though Chief Executive Officer Tony Fernandes is always the first to make an announcement after something goes wrong, he doesn’t always rub customers the right way.

Recently, Fernandes was called to publicly apologize after he endorsed the behavior of former Malaysia leader Najib Razak during an earthquake election that shook that country. Fernandes immediately took center stage to own up and apologize. However, that’s not the only issue that Air Asia has faced as of late: Another recent PR disaster occurred when the federal police in India raided the New Delhi office of the airline after allegations emerged regarding illegal licenses.

With a little luck, the carefully-constructed advertising campaign for “Dare to Dream” will help AirAsia repair the damage done to its reputation over recent PR disasters and give it a chance to rebuild.


Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, one of the ten largest PR firms in the United States.