What will it take?

Does Donald Trump have to return Alaska to Russia before Americans wake up to the fact that the former gambling casino owner and reality TV personality is under the thumb of Vladimir Putin.

Trump today undercut Director of National Security Dan Coats, who warned July 13 that Russia is doing everything it can to undermine America’s democracy.

Speaking after Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian agents for interfering in the US election, Coats said America’s digital infrastructure is under attack with Russia “as the most aggressive foreign actor.”

The president today acknowledged the warning from Coats and other American intelligence officers who “said they think it’s Russia.” He continued, “I have president Putin, he just said it’s not Russia. I don’t see why it should be.” Perhaps, it is because Putin is an enemy of the US.

Coats knows it’s Russia. He and every other US intelligence service has clearly stated that Russia is guilty of meddling in the election. They anticipate more meddling in the mid-term election. Case closed.

How can Coats continue to serve as a member of Trump’s cabinet? His resignation would send a loud message to GOP leaders.

How can Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan allow Trump to run amok without at least trying to reel him in.

Trump criticized key US allies, Germany, UK and EU during his most un-excellent adventure overseas, which mercifully has now come to a close following the horror show in Helsinki.

Since there’s no official transcript of Trump’s tete-a-tete with his Russian handler, we don’t know what went on during the two-hour session.

Who knows, the return of Alaska to Russia may be in the cards.

Macho Putin may be looking for some sweet photo-ops in Alaska.

The brown and grizzly bear hunting season opens Aug. 10, while Vlad will have to wait till Sept. 1 before going after moose.

He’s already bagged a Trump.