Scott Mulhauser
Scott Mulhauser

Scott Mulhauser, a top aide to former vice president Joe Biden, has opened Aperture Strategies in DC to offer PA support to companies, coalitions, non-profits and trade associations.

As deputy chief of staff, Mulhauser traveled the country with Biden and handled messaging and communications during his campaign.

Most recently, Mulhauser was chief of staff at the US embassy in Beijing, where he was responsible for the activities of more than 2,000 employees in five consulates and 50 federal agencies.

He led US trade missions throughout the country and worked closely with American companies, media outlets, universities and public officials to explore opportunities and respond to crises in China and across Asia.

Mulhauser worked on Capitol Hill for Senators Frank Lautenberg (NJ) and John Breaux (LA). He also did a stint at the Export-Import Bank.