The Potomac Square Group has scooped up a $47,500 per-month contract with the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the US to provide strategic counseling and federal affairs services.

The Chamber, which is partly funded by the Polish Agency for International Trade, wants to underscore and promote Poland’s contributions to peace and prosperity around the world and its alignment with US economic, geopolitical and national security interests. It also seeks recognition of Poland as a key part of the NATO alliance.

PSG, which was launched by former Wall Street Journal reporter Christopher Cooper, may conduct outreach to the media and general public in its effort to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Poland and the US.

Cooper, who has more than 20 years of journalism experience, worked for the WSJ in Houston, Washington and London. He has reported from 50-plus countries and was the WSJ's lead correspondent for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential run.

PSG’s contract runs for a year. The Chamber retains the right to terminate its relationship with PSG after six months with 30-days notice.