New York’s BerlinRosen is providing strategic communications and media relations support through August for the Cambodia National Rescue Movement, which was formed in January by exiled opponents of prime minister Hun Sen.

The former Khmer Rouge commander, who has been in power for than 30 years, dissolved the CNRM’s political party, Cambodia National Rescue Group, last year and won a “sham election” on July 29.

The CNRG won 40 percent of the vote in 2017 local elections.

Sam Rainsy, president of the CNRM, wrote an op-ed piece in the July 27 Washington Post, calling for the international community to turn a “blind eye” to the “rigged vote” to “deliver a forceful rebuke of authoritarianism and send a warning to leaders who might be tempted to follow Hun Sen’s path."

He wants countries to recall their ambassadors to Cambodia, impose sanctions on Hun Sen and collaborators and revoke trade privileges for Cambodian business with ties to the regime.

Sam Rainsy praised Congress for passing the Cambodia Democracy Act earlier this month to impose sanctions on government officials for their role undermining free and fair elections.