Marketing software giant Cision today announced that it has acquired the technical assets of Berlin-based image intelligence company ShareIQ.

Terms of the deal were not publicly disclosed.


ShareIQ provides a visual recognition technology platform for brands that finds, analyzes and indexes original pieces of visual content, as well as shared and republished copies of specific images. The Berlin-based company, which was founded in 2014, maintains a second office in New York.

Conventional monitoring systems currently lack the ability to adequately track the impact of visual content like images and logos, because they typically rely on text or hashtags, which aren’t associated with the majority of Internet-based images today.

The addition of ShareIQ’s technology now makes Cision the first earned media platform able to track and measure the impact of visual content, allowing its clients to map the history and path of images for the first time, providing insight into reach and engagement, as well as where images are being shared and by whom.

Additionally, ShareIQ’s platform allows users to create custom audiences of individuals who have viewed, liked or shared specific visual content. These audiences can then be uploaded to any Data Management Platform when used in conjunction with Cision’s suite of partner services.

The Chicago-based industry software giant in a statement said the ShareIQ technology will be immediately available to current Cision Comms Cloud customers. The company aims to integrate ShareIQ technology into its platform workflow by the end of the year.