David GrantDavid Grant

It’s obviously a mistake. It can’t be 50 years ago that Jack started his newsletter because if that were so, I’d have to be over 35. However, I do recall the day JFK was shot, so perhaps my calculations are a tad faulty.

What IS undeniably so is that the quality and quantity of Jack’s bluntness did not diminish with age. Nor did his zeal for breaking stories. Indeed, when I think of Jack and stories, I have always been delighted with his oft-repeated stress on the value of PR people schmoozing reporters much more. Why, oh why, don’t they do that?

Finally, I remember with pleasure his accompanying me on the piano for several years when I “sang” at PRSA Counselors Academy’s annual spring conference as part of “Late Night with David Grant.” Fellow flack Art Stevens certainly sang far better than did I, but Basie’s accompaniments for Sinatra paled in comparison with how Jack helped me. Well — almost paled.

Nor was Jack a quiet fellow. His jeremiads against PRSA matched the ferocity of Sherman in Atlanta. I don’t think his results matched Sherman’s, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of desire.

Which leads me to my last comment: Jack, best of luck – and, please, stay cranky!


David Grant is President of Grant PR in New York City.