Martin Mosbacher
Martin Mosbacher

When my partner and I first hung out our shingle 32 years ago, O’Dwyer’s held three spots on our must-do list.

The first task was to subscribe to Jack’s ancient and venerable newsletter, all of 18 years old at the time and already the PR industry’s bible.

The next was to have lunch with Jack — who seemed very old and wise to me at the time — so I could listen and learn from someone who knew more about the trade than I did. (I’d never worked a single day at an agency before we set one up.)

O'Dwyer's Jul. '18 50th Anniversary MagazineO'Dwyer's Jul. '18 50th Anniversary Magazine

The last task and in some ways the most satisfying was to see my firm’s name listed in Jack’s eponymous green-covered directory. It’s been there every year since.

Much has changed over the passing decades, but the fair and critical eye that O’Dwyer’s — and Jack O’Dywer — has cast over the PR industry has remained a constant.

I can’t say I ever got as worked up over PRSA accreditation as Jack did, but I appreciate the fact that Jack was willing to fight the good fight.

I also appreciate the coverage of all manner of issues that continues “'to give the news impartially, without fear or favor, regardless of party, sect, or interests,” as New York Times publisher Adolph Ochs put it 122 years ago.

Jack really did create a level playing field, that continues to this day, where a firm like mine was treated with the same respect as our significantly larger competitors.

Thank you, Jack and everyone at O’Dwyer’s for continuing to serve our community with distinction over the past 50 years.


Martin Mosbacher is managing partner and CEO at Intermarket Communications.