Rene Henry
Rene Henry

Congratulations, Jack O’Dwyer!

I’ve been so fortunate to have known you from the very beginning. No one has written about the public relations profession as you have. You have always told it like it is whether it was what the people you were writing about wanted to hear or not.

O'Dwyer's Jul. '18 50th Anniversary MagazineO'Dwyer's Jul. '18 50th Anniversary Magazine

You have always praised those who deserve praise and criticized those who have deserved to be called out for their actions. No one else has informed the public about the good, the bad and the ugly of the PR profession. Everyone in our profession is indebted to you for doing so.

You have singled out problems of public media and PR companies before the Wall Street financial analysts who follow those companies. You once raised danger flags about one company whose stock I owned. Against the advice of my former broker whose research department had a hold or buy on the stock, I sold. What you wrote was right on and the stock dropped significantly.

Jack O’Dwyer has always been the source I can always trust.

Thank you for 50 wonderful years and you have your company well established for the next 50.


Rene A. Henry has authored 10 books and his career includes more than 50 years internationally in public relations and sports marketing and five decades in sports at the Olympic, international, collegiate, professional and recreational level. He served as chair of the PRSA College of Fellows. Many of his articles are posted on his website at