Sonoran Policy Group has inked a $400,000 pact to represent the government of Somalia on Capitol Hill, to engage members of the investor and international communities and to provide counsel on a litany of branding, defense, counterterrorism, security and debt matters.

The D.C.-based lobbying and government affairs firm will arrange meetings on the terror-torn country’s behalf with U.S. policymakers and administration officials for the purpose of advocating a reversal of Somalia’s inclusion among the seven countries from which U.S. travel is prohibited, according to documents filed with the Justice Department in August.


SPG will also advocate a reversal of the U.S. government’s decision to suspend aid to the Somali National Army, will facilitate an upcoming U.S. visit by Somalia’s Head of State and will also work to arrange possible Congressional Staff Delegations trips to Somalia where officials can learn more about the country.

SPG will also advise the Horn of Africa nation on U.S. policies and legislation matters impacting the country and will work to enhance the public’s perception of Somalia through a PR and brand awareness campaign.

Finally, SPG will engage with the private sector as well as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other international organizations for the purpose of soliciting humanitarian assistance and foreign economic investment in Somalia as well as managing its debt load, with the possibility of receiving potential debt forgiveness.

The pact began in August and terminates in December. Somalia will pay Sonoran $400,000 for the work in four monthly installments of $100,000. It was signed by Abukar Dahir Osman, Permanent Representative of Somalia to the United Nations.

SPG has signed recent pacts with Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, the Czech Republic, The Kingdom of Bahrain and Nepal’s Washington, D.C. embassy.