Joe Honick
Joe Honick

In the weird, mystical ways fate works, it just might be the death of a real hero who fought for his country and suffered the tortuous consequences of his voluntary action that may well spell the downfall of the man who called him a “loser” for having been shot down and captured.

Presidential campaigner Donald Trump made that insulting commentary in his bid for the White House in 2016 and never looked back or apologized.

Worse, in hardly recognizing John McCain’s passing, Trump could not bring himself still to call McCain a hero and rejected advice to do so. How small and vindictive!

Contrasting the lives of the two men presents an embarrassing picture between the late Senator who devoted his life to public service for his country and a president who dodged the draft by receiving five deferments for bum feet.

Unlike Trump, McCain practiced the commitment to country over party as he worked steadily to find ways to cooperate with those across the aisle from him and his party.

It would be quite surprising if Democrats failed to make careful note of Trump’s conduct regarding McCain. The issue must be handled delicately, but there should be little question of the realities of Trump’s actions throughout.

Political campaign oratory too often takes on what could only be dignified as a lack of civility, with accusations flying back and forth, regardless of party.

Politics has indeed become a blood-sport. But politicos should take note of the reception that McCain received when he returned to work in the Senate after the announcement of his brain cancer.

Liberal, moderate and conservative Senators loudly applauded McCain with more than a few taking time to hug him….the man Trump labeled shamelessly as a “loser.”

McCain’s Senate reception and tributes following his passing should be a lesson for Trump—but more importantly for his most ardent supporters that the good of the country should always come before blind idol worship and the politics of destruction that is ripping the US apart.


Joseph J. Honick is an international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications. He can be reached at [email protected]