Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian

In June, Instagram delivered a new kind of content to their users over its popular social media platform. Instagram TV (IGTV) is an iconic new form of content designed to help companies share longer video content through channels connected to their Instagram accounts. IGTV is a separate smartphone app to the Instagram tool, but they're both connected. It's a lot like Facebook’s Messenger app, except the focus is video content. Already, countless companies are using Instagram TV to share unique video content with their customers and develop a stronger following online.

What is Instagram TV?

Instagram TV allows creators to upload vertical videos that are up to 60 minutes in length. The app has its own tab inside the social media platform that shows the videos being posted by influencers and companies they follow. The idea behind this app is that users will be able to watch videos on their phone in the same way they would with YouTube. IGTV is incredibly user-friendly; creators simply need to download the app. If they're already logged into Instagram on their phone, the IGTV app should log them in as well. IGTV, like the Instagram app, is free to use.

Ultimately, IGTV is about giving people a new way to interact with their favorite Instagram influencers and companies. With it, the world's third most popular social media platform gives people a way to like, share and engage with videos. For now, however, only verified accounts, or companies with a large following, will be able to unlock its full 60-minute streaming option. Additionally, the Instagram TV app is designed specifically for shooting vertical video.

Instagram TV for marketers

Instagram TV gives today’s marketers a new way to reach out to audiences and interact with a new selection of customers. For years, the power of video has been growing more obvious across the social media landscape. Today, countless social platforms are beginning to explore new ways for marketers and individuals to play with the potential of video, through live streaming and more. Instagram TV gives brands a way to connect with a key demographic of younger adults. After all, Millennials and individuals under the age of 34 are generally the largest market for Instagram. This group is also the one considered to have the most decision-making power in the purchasing world.

The key concept for marketers to remember is that Instagram TV isn’t just about creating television channels for customers to binge-watch. The Instagram team didn’t design the application to be like Netflix. Instead, it wanted a raw and authentic experience, similar to YouTube, but far more genuine and social. To unlock the true power of Instagram TV, marketers should make sure that they’re creating content that connects with their audience on an emotional level. Businesses need to determine what kind of content best represents their brand, as well as what kind of content their audiences want to consume in a vertical format.


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