APCO Worldwide has agreed to represent the Goethe-Institut’s Washington office and its participation in Deutschlandjahr (Year of Germany) 2018-2019, which kicks off in October.

Financed by the German Federal Foreign Office, Federation of German Industries and G-I, the Deutschlandjahr campaign is designed to deepen Germany’s ties with the US via displays all across America.

It will highlight culture, business/industry, science, education, civil society and sports, according to a blog from Germany’s US embassy.

Evan Kraus, APCO president/managing director-operations, and Mariam Bruns, G-I’s director of partner relations, signed the “authorization to begin work” document on Aug. 20.

APCO has agreed to a fixed fee of $2.2M, though a formal contract is not yet finalized.

G-I’s mission is to promote the study of German abroad and encourage the formation of cultural exchanges. There are 159 G-I offices in 98 countries.

APCO has even staffers handling German PR effort. Team G-I includes Kevin Goldman, Kellen Salvo, Mary Alice Rose, Kelsey Suter, David Sanchez Carmona, Jordan Valdes and John Bolton.