Blue Star

Blue Star Strategies, which was founded by a pair of president Bill Clinton aides, represents the Bangladesh National Party in the US ahead of the elections slated by the end of the year.

CEO & Co-founder Karen Tramontano, former deputy chief of staff to Clinton and counselor to Erskine Bowles and John Podesta, COO & Co-founder Sally Painter, ex-senior advisor to Clinton and aide to the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, will manage the BNP’s message development and narrative.

BNP says its aim is to “increase democracy, advance economic development through a free-market economy and preserve the human values of the Bangladeshi people through the teaching of Islam.”

Blue Star’s consulting agreement calls for a $20K retainer for August and $35K per-month from September-December.

The DC-based firm has inked a subcontractor agreement with Rasky Partners in the effort in support of BNP.

Rasky’s deal calls for a $10K fee for August and $15K monthly though the end of the year.