Bryan Goldberg
Bryan Goldberg

Gawker will be dishing out the gossip once more early next year, according to Bryan Goldberg, whose Bustle Media Group came out on top in an auction for Gawker Media’s assets in July.

Goldberg has enlisted Amanda Hale, the former chief revenue officer and senior VP, strategy and growth of website The Outline, to serve as Gakwer’s publisher. Hale has also served as associate publisher and VP, advertising & creative solutions for Talking Points Memo Media and advertising director of the The Nation. She was also a communications staffer for David Axelrod & Associates, working on Barack Obama’s senate campaign and John Edwards’ presidential run.

No editorial staffers for the revived site have been named.

In a memo to Bustle employees, Goldberg said: “We won’t recreate Gawker exactly as it was, but we will build upon Gawker’s legacy and triumphs—and learn from its missteps.”

Presumably the misstep it will learn the most from is the publishing of a sex tape featuring wrestler Hulk Hogan. That misstep led to a $140 million decision against Gawker Media, followed by a $31 million payout to Hogan and the bankruptcy of the company.

Gawker Media’s non-Gawker assets were then actioned off for $135 million to Univision, which is now looking into selling them off.

A spokesperson for Bustle told TechCrunch that the company “will be investing significant resources in this relaunch, and we will continue to make futher announcements as plans progress.”