JPA Health Communications has debuted a first-of-its-kind proprietary tool that can help companies better navigate today’s complex health audiences.

A decade in development, the Washington, D.C.-based healthcare specialist’s new service, Gretel, is an insights engine that utilizes what the agency says is the largest collection of health influencer data ever amassed in a bid to better analyze influence across the health sector and offer a new approach to identifying and engaging target audiences.

JPA Health Communications, Gretel

The tool brings together media, third-party groups and influencers to show how today’s health conversations are taking place and how to engage those audiences. Relying on millions of data points, Gretel utilizes human and artificial intelligence to identify an outlet, individual or organization’s influence based on how frequently it’s named or shared by audience segments within a specific health issue or topic, allowing clients better reach and engagement opportunities.

The resource, which can be leveraged for any health topic, utilizes information culled from three separate intelligence engines: one that monitors the current universe of health influencers; another that identifies and tracks advocacy relationships; and one that reveals the outlets that will carry messages to the most meaningful audiences.

Audience identification is made possible through a partnership with social media marketing and analytics firm Graphika.

JPA last year took in nearly $9.2 million in healthcare-related fees, according to O’Dwyer’s rankings of PR firms.