Havas Group has taken an investment stake in Miami-based Republica, a 120-member strong multicultural integrated communications shop, offering advertising, PR, digital, social, experiential, analytics, consumer science, media buying and research services

Republica, which will be recast as Republica Havas, will be the French ad/PR combine’s leading multicultural offering in the $3.4T market.

Jorge Plasencia & Luis CasamayorJorge Plasencia (L) & Luis Casamayor

Co-Founders Jorge Plasencia and Luis Casamayor will be in charge of RH and plot its expansion into the key New York, Chicago and Los Angeles markets.

Plasencia called the deal “the right partnership because it allows us to continue to do what we love, staying true to our culture and our people.”

He will report to Paul Marobella, Havas Creative North America CEO, who said, “Republica’s fluency in multicultural values and preferences will allow our clients to connect to diverse audiences with authenticity and impact.”