Aedhmar Hynes
Aedhmar Hynes

Aedhmar Hynes is leaving the CEO job of Text100 after an 18-year run, as UK-based Next 15 Communications parent company merges the shop with Bite Communications.

Her departure follows last year's exit of IBM and Lenovo from Text100's client roster

In a Sept. 20 blog, Hynes wrote that she leaves "with mixed emotions," but feels that it's the right time to depart as Bite CEO Helena Maus assumes leadership of the combined entity, which will have a new name.

As CEO, Hynes always understood that her role was to do her best to advance the Text100 team and vision until it became time for someone else to take over, according to her blog.

The 52-year-old executive, who joined Text100 28 years ago as an account executive, plans to focus her time and energy on her role as chair of the Arthur Page Society.

Hynes, a native of Galway, Ireland, is excited about the new opportunities that her departure from Text100 will bring.