Ed Whalen
Ed Whalen

CRC Public Relations’ involvement with the sexual misconduct charges facing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh reportedly includes drawing attention to unsubstantiated stories meant to exculpate Kavanaugh, efforts that have since been compromised in light of controversies surrounding a former CRC employee who previously worked for the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Committee is now looking into those charges.

A Sept. 21 report from Politico said CRC worked with conservative legal strategist Ed Whalen to coordinate the rollout of a campaign meant to discredit Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and move the spotlight away from Kavanaugh. After Whalen’s allegations collapsed—which were posted on Twitter before being swiftly removed—CRC still helped organize a news conference wherein several women dismissed Ford’s claims.

In the wake of that snafu, Whalen has taken a leave of absence from conservative think tank the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

CRC’s other connection to the story concerns Garrett Ventry, a Senate Judiciary Committee communications officer who handled GOP messaging strategies. Ventry had been on a leave of absence from CRC; a company spokesman told The Hill.

After reports that Ventry had been fired in 2017 as social media adviser for the office of North Carolina House Majority Leader John Bell following sexual harassment charges, he resigned from his committee post. He also resigned from CRC.

A CRC spokesperson told CBS News that the agency was “not aware of these allegations, which he denies.”

CRC also worked for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth; an anti-John Kerry grouped formed during the 2004 presidential campaign,

Dr. Ford is slated to appear before the committee on Sept. 27.