Mary Schapiro
Mary Schapiro

Mary Schapiro, former Securities and Exchange Commission chair, has joined Bloomberg LP as vice chair of global public policy.

She'll also be a special advisor to Michael Bloomberg, who is expected to run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In a high-profile move, Bloomberg this week re-registered his party affiliation as a Democrat. He's also spending $100M to support Democratic candidates in the midterm elections. "That's a hell of a lot of I.O.Us; a Democratic operative told the Financial Times on Oct. 11.

As counselor to the 78-year-old Bloomberg, Shapiro will provide advice on his Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures and Working Group on US RMB Trading and Clearing, which supports the internationalization of China's currency.

Schapiro, who also headed the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, served under four US presidents.