It's pretty clear that Donald Trump wants the Republicans to lose the House in the upcoming midterm elections.

Why else would he run the risk of alienating the very important suburban women voter block, by attacking former porn star Stormy Daniels today as "horseface?"


Yes, the commander-in-chief of the mightiest nation in the world spent valuable time cooking up juvenile insults about the looks of a woman with whom he allegedly had a sexual encounter.


Daniels is the same person who received a $130K payment from Trump's ex-personal lawyer Michael Cohen to buy her silence about her rendezvous with the then-future president.

That hush money led to Cohen pleading guilty to campaign finance violations and testifying that Trump directed the payment, making the president an unindicted co-conspirator.

Cohen is now singing like a bird to special counsel Robert Mueller.

That's sweet music to Daniels. She may get the last laugh, without lowering herself to Trumpian levels. What is Stormy supposed to do: retaliate for Horseface by calling the president "Tubby?"

A Democratic House would be a dream come true for the now agenda-less president, who has accomplished his goal of passing the big tax cut. The result: the Treasury Dept. reported the federal deficit for fiscal 2018 weighed in at $779B, the biggest gap in six years.

If the Democrats take the House, impeachment proceedings are likely if the Democrats take control of the House.

Trump already has told his cheering rallies that he faces an impeachment threat, if the Dems take over.

His message: bring it on.

The president is said to be best when in a fighting or campaigning mode.

My guess is that he would rather be fighting and insulting his Democratic inquisitors during the next two years than crafting legislation and dealing with foreign leaders.

We will be the losers, or "suckers" as the president would put it.