Hot Paper Lantern

Hot Paper Lantern, a tech-focused affiliate of Peppercomm, is partnering with SwissVBS, a provider of digital learning solutions, on a cloud-based, SaaS solution that empowers employees to learn at their own pace. Hot Paper Lantern says that HPL Echo offers companies several ways to achieve greater ROI from their learning programs. The platform “reinforces” key competency development through short bursts of information given to the user over time. The platform uses gamification, flashcards, podcasts & videos, quizzes and push notifications to reinforce that information. The benefits include improving engagement, eliminating risk of compliance, tracking behaviors and exposing gaps in learning, and using AI to create individualized learning programs.


Golin is launching an effort intended to boost the reputation of the PR industry as a whole. “In an age of earned media, our industry needs to have clarity and conviction on the impact public relations has on business,” said Golin co-CEO Matt Neale. Noting that the industry has tended to favor buzz words such as digital and integrated, Golin is promoting what it calls “progressive PR.” As part of the effort, it is introducing its Relevance Radar, an AI listening platform that it says will help predict and measure opportunities for clients, and CXPR, which will leverage insights from social data to inform business decisions.


Germinder + Associates is continuing its Power of Pink program with the naming of Dotted Line Marketing founder Lane Odie as the 13th Power of Pink Honoree. Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the agency, the program is a women’s storytelling initiative that highlights founder Lee Ann Germinder’s successful battle with breast cancer. In addition to recognizing leaders whose stories have inspired her, Power of Pink has also made contributions to such charitable causes as The Weill Cornell Breast Center, Missouri Humane Society and Lutheran the News Literacy Project. Before founding Dotted Line Marketing, Odie was a senior account executive at Geminder + Associates. A contribution in her name is being made to Sunflower House, a non-residential children’s advocacy and abuse prevention center.