visage inconnu

FF Paris, creative shop, is commemorating the 100thanniversary of Armistice Day (Nov. 11) with the creation of "The Unknown Face," which is a digital synthesis of the thousands of faces of men, women and children from around the globe that died in the horror of WWI.

Inspired by the 1920 burials of the "Unknown Solider" in Paris and London on the first Armistice Day to mark the memory and heroism of fallen soldiers, The Unknown Face honors all the victims of The Great War regardless of their nationality, origin or gender.

The faces are superimposed on top of each other to create a single image. The portrait will be unveiled Nov. 11 at the Historial de la Grand Guerre in Peronne. Visitors will be able to review the faces that make up the single image.

A dedicated interactive platform ( went live Nov. 8, featuring the pictures and stories of people who died in WWI and information about the conflict.

The site, which was produced by Merci Michel studio, will be updated.