Jeremy Juhasz
Jeremy Juhasz

One of the more fascinating aspects of public relations these days is the recognition and acceptance of today’s complex omnichannel distribution model. It’s no secret that practitioners like you and I are inundated with a litany of options and scenarios to consider for any campaign. With scope and goals custom-made for each project, this new playing field requires us to strategize before executing.

In my last blog, I wrote how paring audio news releases with radio media tours is like adding an enhancer to your workout beverage. As implied, an ANR distribution will boost results. ANRs provide us the opportunity to script messaging that penetrates target markets for optimum awareness and impact. Building off a scheduled set of earned interviews from a radio media tour, the scripted and controlled placement of an ANR further guarantees editorial content to a large audience and typically includes a call to action.

It’s super effective.

In the above scenario, we make the conscious decision to double down on radio, making sure that audience vertical is blanketed with coverage. If your campaign lacks a visual element or your spokesperson is better suited off camera, this approach makes the most sense.

But what if you had a great visual element or spokesperson who’s considered a celebrity, star athlete or known influencer? What if your topic and editorial content was so unique and timely, TV coverage was within reach? Well, we’d counsel your team to consider a Satellite Media Tour. And like before, we would not suggest this tactic in a vacuum.

My colleague and media relations manager, Dana Hildner, wrote a thorough post about tips for delivering a successful Satellite Media Tour. In it, she cautions not to underestimate the importance of B-roll, because TV is a visual medium. Station producers would, of course, want the most compelling footage. With B-roll as a critical component to any tour, our agency will automatically supplement your SMT with an ANR because we recognize the importance of varying messages’ channels.

Because all Satellite Media Tour projects will include radio interviews, attaching an ANR package is logical and also crucial for making sure your message reaches the masses.

Here’s where things get fun. What if there were a way to create a visual representation of your tour’s ANR script, so you can further distribute messaging on your website, internally, or to your social channels? Our agency developed a product, a Visual Audio News Release, to do just that. We can take your :30 or :60 second script and edit in B-roll and/or animated graphics to make your message come to life.

Here’s an example: Visual ANR v(ANR)

Creative, multi-purpose tactics in this fashion unite your campaign between broadcast and digital channels. Instead of operating in a silo, we’ll advise holistic ways to take your media tour to the next level. Regardless whether it’s something as simple as an ANR or as detailed as a full-scale media tour, the attention to detail on the front end makes all the difference for dynamic and plentiful media coverage results.


Jeremy Juhasz is senior director of demand generation at Definition6.