Definers Public Affairs said today that Facebook didn't hire it to do "opposition research," as reported by the New York Times on Nov. 14. The social media giant cut ties with the firm following the NYT article.

"Definers’ main services for Facebook were basic media monitoring and public relations around public policy issues facing the company," according to a statement it posted on its website. "We ran a large-scale news alert service keeping hundreds of Facebook staff informed on news stories about the company and its policy challenges."

Definers' staffers handled media for roll-out policy announcements regarding platform changes, corporate initiatives and news.

That work covered "advertising and hate speech policies, addressing bias on the platform, and their efforts to crack down on inauthentic behavior on the platform."

Definers did provide research and background information on Facebook critics on the left and right. The DC firm said it gathered the material from public records and databases.

Though founded by Matt Rhoades, Mitt Romney former presidential campaign manager, Definers says it's not a Republican firm. The firm says is work is non-partisan and ranges across the political spectrum.