US Soccer

BCW is handling the legal suit filed today by US Soccer Foundation, the non-profit group that promotes the sport in underserved communities, against the US Soccer Federation.

In the US District Court for the District of Columbia lawsuit, the Foundation seeks a declaratory judgement of non-infringement of trademarks in a dispute over who controls the Foundation’s name and branding marks.

It claims the Federation, which is the government body of amateur and professional soccer teams, demanded that the Foundation stop using the name and logo that have been in place since its 1994 start-up.

The Foundation’s complaint alleges that the Federation “has threatened to hijack the Foundation’s trademarks for its own use—likely in an effort to capitalize on lucrative business opportunities when the US hosts the World Cup in 2026.”

Ed Foster-Simeon, Foundation president, said loss of its widely recognized name and logo would deprive it of goodwill and hurt its charitable efforts.

The Foundation has invested more than $125M to promote soccer in low-income communities. Ninety percent of participants in its programs receive free or reduced school lunches because of modest family income levels.

Terry Neal, executive VP in BCW’s PA/crisis group, and Mike Heimowitz, managing director, represent the Foundation.