Profile Advisors is working with investor Hanwei Guo in his fraud suit against Tencent Music Entertainment Group, China's largest social media company, its co-president and other parties.

Guo claims he invested $26M in a venture called Ocean Music in 2012, after being wooed by co-president Guomin Xie.

He alleged that he was tricked and intimidated into selling his stake in Ocean Music, which ultimately merged with another company to become Tencent, which could generate more than $1.2B in an IPO this month.

Guo filed for arbitration proceedings in China and a suit in US District Court for the Southern District.

In the discovery motion, Guo seeks information from JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch related to Tencent's IPO.

Profile's Greg Marose and Charlotte Kiaie handle the suit.