Facebook’s marketing growth has dipped, and now registers about half the revenue gains the social giant exhibited during the first two quarters of the year, according to new report released by ad data experts Standard Media Index.


SMI’s data, which is derived from media-spending sales figures supplied by the largest U.S. ad agency holding groups, shows that Facebook began 2018 with strong year-over-year ad revenue gains of 35 percent in Q1.

The double-digit growth continued in Q2 — albeit slowing to 30 percent — but the social giant’s growth rate dropped in half in 2018’s third quarter, exhibiting only 16 percent YoY growth.

These figures now show Facebook barely keeping up with the overall digital ad market, which was up 14 percent in Q3 from the same period last year, according to SMI data.

In light of the disappointing quarter, Facebook has still registered a strong year overall, boasting a 25 percent year-to-date uptick in ad revenues from the same January-October period in 2017.

By contrast, however, Facebook exhibited 41 percent year-over-year ad revenue gains during the same time period last year.