Felix Gray

Diffusion has signed on as PR agency of record for Felix Gray, a direct-to-consumer eyewear brand whose products are meant to reduce the negative effects of the light and glare that come from digital screens.

The agency will work with Felix Gray on several upcoming product launches, as well as building awareness of what the company says are the detriments of exposure to Blue Light. While Blue Light comes from many sources, including sunlight, some studies have claimed that the blue light emitted from such devices as e-readers, smartphones and computers can lead to eye strain, sleep deprivation and headaches.

Felix Gray says it has already outfitted the offices of such firms as Apple, Spotify and Google with its glasses, which are intended to filter out Blue Light.

Diffusion will also work to position Felix Gray as an e-commerce innovator. Launched in 2016, the company sells its line of readers, sunglasses, and both prescription and non-prescription lenses through its company website.

Felix Gray was previously represented by SourceCode Communications.