The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which supplies 40 percent of the world’s oil, is considering a PR program in the US to bolster its image.

The campaign would counter president Trump’s Twitter barrage blasting OPEC for jacking up oil prices, antitrust challenges and increased competition from American shale producers, which has powered the US to the top of the world’s top oil producers list.


The Wall Street Journal reported that the so-called “Americans to Americans” PR effort would be targeted at thought influencers, such as think tanks, trade groups and academics.

The PR campaign, which would be the first such effort in OPEC’s 59-year history, would position OPEC as a force for global energy price stability and a reliable supplier to the US and its allies.

OPEC’s 14 members are expected to discuss the PR effort, which would cost about $500K, at a series of meetings slated next month at the group's Vienna headquarters.

Iran, which is at odds with Trump ally and OPEC’s top energy producer Saudi Arabia, opposes any US outreach.