Good luck to former Starbucks chief Howard Schultz, a progressive corporate leader who may throw his hat into the presidential ring by running as an independent.

Howard Schultz
Howard Schultz

What is he thinking?

When it comes to accepting responsibility for his action, lifelong Democrat Schultz must do a better job than President Trump did.

The tweeter-in-chief promised to “take ownership” of his useless partial shutdown of the federal government—and when push came to shove—he quickly tried to pawn the shutdown calamity off on poor Chuck and Nancy’s refusal to cave on Trump’s fixation on building a wall that nobody wants.

Shultz must take ownership of the fact that if he does decide to run as an independent, his candidacy will guarantee another four years of Trump.

Do you really want that on your conscience, Howard?

You might ask Ralph Nader if he regrets running as an independent for president in 2000. The consumer advocate siphoned off enough votes in Florida to deny vice president Gore victory and put Dubya in the White House after the Supreme Court called off the Florida recount and Roger Stone raised holy hell by staging those phony Republican riots.

Just imagine how things would have turned out if president Gore governed the country for eight years, rather than Dubya, Cheney and Rummy.

Run as a Democrat, Howard.

There are many Democrats looking for a centrist alternative to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and the progressive wing and fighting for the nomination in Democratic primaries, rather than using your billions to make sure that your name in on the ballot in 50 states, will make you a stronger candidate.

Schultz has hired Steve Schmidt, political consultant guru, and ardent anti-Trumper during his “Words Matter” podcast, for his campaign.

My sense is that if Schmidt senses that Schultz' quest for the White House becomes nothing more than vanity run or face-saving exercise, he’ll blow up the entire campaign.

The last thing Schmidt, who worked for Senator John McCain, wants is four more years of Trump.

The sparring match between WPP and founder Martin Sorrell continues with WPP landing the latest blow. The company wants Sorrell to fork over about $220K in expenses for a Manhattan apartment, ski trips and family travel expenses.

Team Sorrell claims not so fast because every single pound was scrutinized by WPP’s management, board and audit committee.

That may be the case, counters WPP, but it claims that it’s already recovered some of the disputed expenses and that the dialog with Sorrell continues.

Sorrell took a dig at WPP before the swells at Davos, claiming he is “very concerned” about developments at the shop since he was ousted nine months ago. “Obviously, it’s not been an easy period over the last six months or so in relation to major clients and WPP,” he said. Ouch!

Relax, Sir Martin.

CEO Mark Read has things well in hand but it takes time to revamp your unwieldy conglomerate into the “creative technology company” needed to compete in today’s fast-paced environment.

Why don't you take a little vacation and let Read get on with things?