Polish flag

Poland, which is pushing for a bigger deployment of US troops, has hired BGR Government Affairs for strategic counsel and tactical planning advice and services on military and defense-related issues before the US Government.

The central European nation has offered to pay up to $2B for construction of a permanent US base (Fort Trump) in an effort to entice the White House.

The US already has about 4,000 troops in Poland, which guard its border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Georgette Mosbacher, America’s ambassador to Poland and former CEO of Borghese cosmetics group, told the Feb. 12 Financial Times the increase in US troops stationed in Poland will be significant, passing the “hundreds mark.”

Poland has also agreed to a $400M-plus contract for US mobile rocket launchers.

BGR’s $70K per-month consulting agreement kicked off Feb. 1 and runs for a year.

Besides lobbying US Government officials, the shop will provide PR support and digital communications savvy to Poland’s defense ministry. Crisis communications services are available upon request.

BGR is the firm of Haley Barbour, long-time Republican operative and former Mississippi governor.